Sunday, November 11, 2018

USB C cable for charging his phone and punishing me

When my guy and I had last met for lunch, his cell phone had died. He didn't have a USB C cable in his car to charge it.

I had a USB C cable and a battery pack in my purse. I never thought of having his phone charge while we were having lunch. Oops!

We talked about it the other day.
"How did you get to the restaurant?" I asked my directionally challenged guy.
"My phone died across the street from the restaurant, so I was okay," he admitted.
"How about leaving to head back to the office?" I asked him.
"I knew roughly where the highway was. I just took a major street north and found it," he said.
"Cool. I'm so glad," I replied.
"I was directionally skilled," he said.
I laughed out loud.
"You're just making fun of me because I'm directionally challenged," he pointed out.
"I'm teasing you because you're sweet," I replied.
He liked that a lot.
"I now have a USB C cable my car after that incident," he said.
"That's a relief," I noted.
"I can also use it to punish you. I like red lines across your butt," he hinted.
"I'm a good girl, though," I pleaded.
"No, you're my bad girl," he said.
I like being his bad girl. I also like the thought of having him tie my hands up for a good spanking.


  1. Yes, always the bad girl huh? Well if the reward for being bad is good... And I think they are. Smile I remember him not knowing his way around without help. Strange how you remember these things.


    1. He is forever horrible at directions. It's a quality that I have accepted of him and find it endearing. He ultimately figures things out with some guidance.