Monday, November 12, 2018

Dopey conversation at the office

My guy told me what had happened to him once he got back to the office. We had just had lunch and I had given him a handjob afterwards.
"I met your colleague's husband when I picked up my new laptop," he said.
"Yes. How did it go?" I asked him.
"I was so dopey that I was talking slowly and he problem thought I was high on weed," he recounted.
"I'm glad that I did a good job. He probably thought that you were tired," I noted.
"I hope so. I was dopey. I probably didn't make much sense. I didn't want to talk," he replied.
"You still had cum on your black slacks, right?" I recalled.
"I did. Luckily, my coat was long enough to hide it," he said.
I love when he's dopey.


  1. Dopey, that was the dwarf with the big ears right? I get it. Your guy has dopey ears...

    Big smile,

    1. Haha! He has nice ears, but they aren't huge.