Monday, November 05, 2018

Cell phone plan and corporate discount

Every two years, I have to renew my cell phone plan. I am on a corporate discount. 

It's always an event to get the discount reapplied every two years. I'm at that stage again.

I normally have to get a special passcode. I got mine. Apparently, being able to apply it online is supposed to make it easy. It's not the case. It claims that my cell phone number isn't eligible.

I'll need to give my cell phone provider a call in the morning. Ah, what fun.

This minor hassle ties in with my budget and debt reduction. I save 25% with the corporate discount. I decided to keep the same plan that I have been with for now over two years. I don't need more data. This plan works for me.

Here's hoping that getting this billing issue fixed goes smoothly.


  1. Mmmm. Sounds familiar girl with the naughty name. If it works online it is wonderful and a great service from your lazy chair at home. But if it fails it is a lot of hassle.

    Ah well, I am on cheapest account in my family... Smile the girls have a different plan.


    1. So true. With some effort, I got everything sorted out with a competent woman at the cell phone company. I got refunded for the difference and all is great.

      My guy has a cheaper cell phone plan. However, his plan is fully paid by the company. Sadly, mine is not. However, I'm pleased to get a corporate discount. The savings does add up!