Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Evil eye bracelets and pouring rain

Before I drove my guy to the airport over a week ago, he gave me presents from Istanbul. He had asked me what I wanted from the city.

It's easier for me to think of things that I'd like, for I have been to the city before. I asked him for looseleaf tea.

When we first met, I had an evil eye bracelet. It had a dainty chain that eventually snapped. I tried to repair it, but I couldn't salvage it after a couple of tries.

I then got a replacement one. Months later, that one died, too.

Istanbul is known for all things evil eye. So, I asked my guy if he could get me an evil eye bracelet. Not only did he get me one similar in style to the ones that I once owned, he got me another one that has small evil eyes all around the bracelet. I loved them both when I saw them.

It was raining fairly hard that day. I got soaked walking from the restaurant where we had dinner over to my car.
"I'm wet right now," I said, as my shirt and hair had absorbed some of the rain.
"Of course, you are," he said with a smirk.
"I didn't mean that!" I said. "Then again, I am sitting next to you."
"You're sweet," he said, holding my hand.
We got to the airport. I gave my guy my umbrella so that he could fetch a cart for his luggage. An older gentleman saw our umbrella exchange and smiled.

My guy came back and loaded everything onto the cart. We kissed and hugged. It seems more romantic when it's raining and you're saying goodbye to a loved one for a brief period.

A couple hours later, he called me.
"Hey, is your flight delayed?" I asked him.
"Yes, but only for forty minutes," he said. "I heard that it's pouring in Toronto."
"It was quite the downpour driving home, but I'm safe," I replied.
"That's good," he said.
"You're sweet. Thanks for the evil eye bracelets. I'm wearing one of them now. I love them," I remarked.
"I'm so glad," he replied.
He's thoughtful and sweet. It was nice to hear from him before his flight took off.

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