Thursday, August 30, 2018

Dropping in at 6 am to cuddle and kiss

Last Sunday, my guy knocked on my hotel room just before 06:00. I opened the door and liked seeing him smile at me.
"I'm sleepyhead," I said, which made him smile.
"I know," he replied.
He got plenty of sleep on the plane. This time around, he found the bathroom just fine. Last time, he thought the closet was the washroom.

We sat on the couch and cuddled. I got him some powdered peanut butter. It's great for travelling. You just add water, stir, and you get peanut butter. It has practically no carbs, which made him happy. I also got him sugar-free mints from Sweden.

He thanked me. He moved in to kiss me on the lips. I loved having his lips pressed against mine. It was nice.

We held hands. He admired my pink nail polish. He loved looking at my hands. He then enjoyed looking at my wrist.
"You're wearing the evil eye bracelet," he observed.
"Yes, I have been wearing it since you got me it. I love how when light hits it, the blue changes to purple," I said.
"Nice! It looks good on you," he said.
"Thanks! I love it," I replied.
It was my time of the month. He was also a bit tired from his travels, so it was nice to chat and cuddle.
"Is your shirt new?" I asked him, snuggling up to him.
"Newish. I got it at our favourite liquidation outlet for $5. My pants were $10," he said proudly.
"I love you, CB," I said.
I love when my sweet Cheap Bastard takes pride in saving a ton of money while looking stylish.

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