Thursday, August 02, 2018

Booking flight, train, and cell phone plan for European work trip

On Wednesday, I spent roughly half my workday booking my flight and train tickets for my upcoming work trip. I dislike how strict certain rules imposed by my company are.

My destination is a remote part of Sweden. It's actually more convenient to fly into Copenhagen and then take a train to this town.

I booked my flight. Going to Copenhagen was fine. The challenge is booking a flight back home, keeping in mind that the train ride to get back to the airport is three hours.

I wanted to take an afternoon flight. This flight selection got flagged by the travel booking system that I was using as being more expensive than the recommended flight. So, my departure schedule consists of taking the first train out on a Saturday at 6 am and getting to Copenhagen airport by 9 am. I then have two hours to board my flight.

It's doable, provided that everything is on time. I don't like travelling under tight circumstances.

The roughest part of my travel plans is actually after I land at Copenhagen airport. I have two hours to find the train station. Normally, it's one train to this town. On this particular weekend, it's a train-bus-train route. Each segment is roughly an hour. I have eleven minutes to transfer. Again, I hope that it's enough time. Luckily, all three segments run practically every hour.

I also went ahead and got a SIM card for my phone. It comes with a gigabyte of data and a fixed number of minutes for calls. I can use it anywhere in Europe, so it'll cover my Denmark-Sweden visit just fine. It should get to me in a week.

I don't mind researching travel route and plans. They are definitely more enjoyable when I am planning a vacation than a work trip!


  1. oh gosh i HATE these types of TIGHT transfers. i always worry i'll miss something. especially since it has happened before. I hope it all goes smoothly!

    1. I'm not thrilled with such tight schedules. I am also hoping that everything is on time and I am sane by the time I arrive at my final destination!