Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Back from travelling - happy, but sleepy

It has been a while! I am back from my work trip. Oddly, I wasn't exhausted when I returned. However, my first day back at work drained me.

I returned on Saturday afternoon. I spent a quiet day running a few errands before checking in at a hotel for a night. My guy was scheduled to fly in at 5:30 am.

Well, I slept well that night. I woke up to the sound of my guy calling me at 5:15 am. I didn't catch his call in time and called him back.
"Hey," I said, sleepily.
"Hey," he said. "Did I wake you up?"
"Yep, you did. I thought that you were getting in at 5:30 am and that I could sleep in till 6 am," I said.
"I know. My flight got in early. I didn't see an e-mail from you," he noted.
"I used to write them and you didn't bother reading them. You'd call me instead," I replied.
He needed my hotel room number. I let him know what it was. He was coming to see me once he got his luggage off the carousel at the airport. I love when he does.


  1. Oh how sweet that he was coming to meet u. Good reunion i hope!

    1. Yes, it was great seeing him again, even at such an odd hour!