Sunday, August 05, 2018

Low-carb changes for the better, including chicken wings and bacon

On the whole, getting back to a low-carb diet has been pretty good. I have lapsed a few times, but I'm okay with it. I'm doing a ton better.

I make sure that I have salads for lunch again. I definitely have more energy.

For lunch the other day, I ordered New York-style wings. I didn't know that having wings that aren't battered or dusted is the Big Apple way. You get sauce off to the side. I asked for my wings to have sea salt and pepper, and ditched the sauce. Yay!

It has been ages since I have bought bacon to fry at home. It was on sale at Shoppers Drug Mart yesterday. I got a package. I'm thinking that a bacon, lettuce, and tomato salad sounds inviting.


  1. That DOES sound exciting. I would add feta cheese. Thats probably my favourite kind.

    1. I love your suggestion. I'll need to give feta a go. Thanks!