Monday, February 26, 2018

Olympics are over, but the Paralympics begin soon

The Olympics are officially over. I am proud of how the Canadian athletes performed.

I am now going through withdrawal symptoms. I am pleased that the Paralympics are next. However, I wish that there was more television exposure.

This weekend, I have been dealing with toe spasms in my right foot. I have foot spasms now and again, thanks to nerve damage from a pinched nerve years ago. It was pretty bad on Saturday. It lasted practically all day and was extremely painful at times.

I have a feeling that it was a combination of feeling cramped at a restaurant on Friday at lunch and a lack of potassium in my system caused this pain. I hydrated a ton of Saturday, ate a banana, popped Ibuprofen, and decided to take it easy. My toes are doing much better today.

I'm thankful and relieved.


  1. gosh... have you asked a doctor about a vit B supplement? I took one for a period of time when I had some "nerve" issues and it helped considerably.

    1. My doctor has recommended vitamin B12, which helps. I need potassium in my system. I just ran out of that supplement, which probably explains the prolonged spasms. Luckily, I was thrilled that I have bananas to fill that void. =)

    2. and oranges, and spinach, and green leafy veggies, and potatoes, and tomatoes. these are all the things my mum CANT eat cos she needs to limit her potassium!