Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Mardi Gras and my boobs

My guy and I had a chat about Mardi Gras.
"You've been to New Orleans, right?" he asked me.
"Yes, over three years ago. It was a lot of fun," I replied.
"But, you weren't there for Mardi Gras," he pointed out.
"Nope, I wasn't. We should go," I hinted.
"It's Mardi Gras all the time when I'm with you. I get to play and look at your boobs all the time," he smirked.
He does like my breasts. He always has. He love cupping, sucking, playing, groping, and more when it comes to my boobs.

He finds them to be perfect. They aren't small. They aren't huge. They are perfect to him and to me.

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