Friday, February 09, 2018

Klutzy start of 2018 - completed trifecta

I don't know whether there is something in the air or if the additional snow this winter has made me more klutzy than usual. Things happen in threes. I can attest to this odd energy.

A couple of weeks ago, I left my home to head into my car to drive to work. There was black ice. I didn't see it and wiped out. Luckily, nothing happened other than being a bit sore for a couple of days.

Last week, I had a full mug of tea. I had a lid covering my double-walled mug. I accidentally elbowed it in a meeting room at work. My mug went tumbling onto the carpeted floor. I got some paper towel to clean up the spill on the boardroom table and a chair.

Today was the final piece of this trifecta. I went to a seller's home to pick up a paper shredder. I parked in his driveway and went up the stairs to ring the doorbell.

What I didn't know was that underneath the unshovelled snow in front of his door was marble. I lost my balance and fell on my right knee.

First, I would recommend getting a mat if you have a slippery surface like marble that is outside. Second, I'd suggest shovelling the snow so that folks don't slip and fall. Third, if you have a home, having a stair railing to get up and down the stairs comes in handy.

So, I have a couple of bruises on my right knee. It's a bit sore to walk, but I'm okay. I am icing my knee to reduce the swelling. I am also elevating my leg.

The other injury is a sore middle finger on my left hand. It's a bit sore typing right now. I am perfectly fine flipping the bird. Making a fist can still be done, but it is a bit sore.

What an odd day! The good news is that I was fine picking up my paper shredder, which works fine. I also got some dinner afterwards, which made things a ton better.

I'm working from home on Friday. It's supposed to snow and I don't want to drive with my sore knee. I will simply take it easy.


  1. gosh. they say bad things happen in threes right? at least you're safe now that the trifecta has been met.

    1. That's true. This negative energy can finally go away. I'm happy that I am slowly on the mend. =)