Saturday, February 17, 2018

Unwinding with beer, nachos, and manicures

Work has been hectic this week. It became especially stressful for my team on Thursday. Our manager was the cause.

I felt so drained on Friday that my team went out after work for nachos and beer. It was a good time had by all. Our manager had taken the day off, so that helped even more.

One of my colleagues is essentially my mini-me as far as work ethic goes. It's great.

A month ago, she asked me about my nails and how I apply polish on them. I described what I do. She had always thought that I went to a nail salon every week. When I broke the news that I do my own nails, she was impressed.

For the last three weeks, she has followed my lead by doing her own nails. I was so proud of her on Friday. Not only has she continue the same trend of giving herself a manicure, she had painted her nails purple, which happens to be my favourite colour. Her nails looked beautiful.

It's great when a stressful week ends on a positive, uplifting note.

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