Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Tax time and T4 slips

I had planned on going into the office on Tuesday. I decided to work from home instead.

I wear contact lenses. On Monday, my right contact lens ended up tearing while I was at work. I took it out.

It's a good thing that my nearsightedness is slight. I function just fine without a corrective lens on my right eyeball. It allows my eye to breathe. So, I will work from home and continue having my eyeball breathe and heal.

Tax season is here. In Canada, we get an employment income receipt, which is also known as a T4 slip. At work, I got an e-mail, saying that this slip was available to download from our payroll application.

My guy is oddly not on this e-mail distribution list. He is often left in the dark about such matters. I always remember to forward him this information.
"Hey, sweetie. Your T4 is available if you're dying to do your taxes today," I said to him.
"Thanks, sweet thing. You know me so well. I will probably do my taxes in late April," he admitted.
"I know. It's who you are," I noted.
I am the opposite. In recent years, I tend to complete my tax return in March. In the past, I would end up doing it in mid-April, simply because I was a grad student and my term ended in late April.

I'll need to buy tax software soon. Ah, the joys of doing one's taxes!

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