Sunday, November 06, 2016

Medication, diet, sleep, and travel

I decided to take Monday off as a vacation day. This weekend is a three-day weekend for me. It is much needed!

My guy has been on medication to counter depression for nearly a year now. I have definitely noticed that his mood is more stabilized. Of course, any medication has side effects. In his case, it has increased his blood sugar.

It has been helpful that I have been able to support him. I lost sixty pounds and have kept it off for five years. I reduced carbs and sugar from my diet. He has done the same. 

His doctor has decided to put him on another medication, to keep his blood sugar down. 
"Sorry I haven't called you," he apologized on Saturday. "I haven't been exercising since I went on my new medication. Exercising while talking to you helps a ton."
"It's okay. You are probably enjoying not working out in favour of sleeping in."
Although we both laughed, it is a fact. My guy would rather sleep in than exercise. I don't blame him! He has promised to exercise three times a week. He simply needed to test out his new medication.

My guy hasn't travelled much lately for work, which has been great. We have been spending more time together. He does have a trip in December for a week. That's not bad at all.


  1. I'm with your guy, CB...would much rather sleep than exercise. One thing I do is try to move more during conference calls I have to attend. I keep one of those steps that you can use for step aerobics in my office and just step up and down on it while listening to the meeting. Of course this doesn't work if it's one of the meetings I have to take minutes in. LOL Happy you and your guy are getting to spend more time together...are you getting lots of sore tush activity? ;) Hope they get his blood sugar under control soon. BTW...I have heard good things about cinnamon helping with blood sugar.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. I love your suggestion to move around when on a conference call. I have one tomorrow at 7 am, so I can move around. Luckily, I am not taking meeting minutes. =)

      I had cinnamon pancakes today. I should let my guy know about the benefits of cinnamon. Thanks for passing along the tidbit of useful information!

  2. I glad he's feeling well. Because if he is feeling well, you are feeling well as well, girl with the naughty name.

    Happy for you,

    1. That's so true, Han. When he is happy, I am happy, too. =)