Monday, August 01, 2016

Camping, whining, and showering

My guy doesn't like going camping, but he goes anyway when it's a family event.
"I am too old for this crap," my guy admitted to me, which made me laugh.
"You may need to do glamping instead," I suggested.
"I like that idea. It's not worth the effort to get everything ready."
We talked a bit more. He likes to whine. I am a good listener.
"I heard that there are portable showers. A bird will be looking at my penis," he said.
"Let's hope that the bird doesn't peck at it," I replied.
"I hope not," he confirmed.
"I wish that I were a bird," I told him.
"You'd be a sweet bird," he stated.
I am hoping that he is trying to have some fun.

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