Monday, August 15, 2016

How to pick up an Asian girl

The other week, my guy and I were talking about Sharky, a manager that I report to who seems to have a crush on me. I was telling my guy about how his locker is next to my desk, and that he often does a few trips between it and his desk.

My story was about how he ended up creating small talk. It wasn't the best opener, as it had to do with work and implied that there is more work for me to do under short notice.
"He does lust after you, you know," my guy pointed out.
"Yes, but he's creepy," I reasoned.
"He just doesn't know how to pick up a girl," he reasoned.
"That's true. You should write a book on that topic. You were great with me," I hinted.
"Yes, I should write a how-to book on picking up a cute Asian girl. I'm glad that you said yes to being with me."
As usual, he's sweet.

Our little chat reminded me of a bumper sticker that I saw on a car in front of me at a Starbucks drive-thru a while ago. It looked something like the following:

Courtesy: Threadless
Perhaps Sharky needs these instructions.

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