Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Belated, thoughtful birthday gifts

I returned home early Monday evening. The longer weekend was nice, but I feel like I need another vacation!

Last week, my guy got me some nice birthday gifts. He felt bad that he was late. I understood, as he is a traveller. It was still the same birthday month.

He normally asks me for a list of gifts that I'd like. He can then choose from that list. He doesn't need me to provide him with this list, but I do for suggestions.

He got me the following:

  • A Beemo mug, a character from Adventure Time that I like
  • A waffle maker, because I love to eat waffles
My guy surprised me by getting a gift that wasn't on my list, but I had mentioned a need for it in the past.

I got a new car earlier this year. It does not have heated seats. It's not a huge deal. However, when I have a sore back, it was always helpful to turn the heat on my seat, which would ease the pain.

My guy remembered my comment. He got me a plug-in heated seat in which the seat and back support both heat up. It plugs in to the car charger. I was thrilled.
"See, I told you that you're a great gift giver," I complimented him.
"Thanks, sweetie," he replied.
He's thoughtful and sweet.

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