Sunday, August 07, 2016

Doodle Fruit is my latest game addition

A ton of people seem to be playing Pokemon Go these days. I downloaded it a week ago, played it for maybe five minutes, and I haven't played it since.

I don't find it fun.

Yesterday, I learned about Doodle Fruit. I liked Doodle Jump that first came out a few years ago.

I cannot stop playing Doodle Fruit. I was up until 3 am playing it. Yes, I am hooked!

I tend to like Tetris-type games, like Bejewelled and 2048. My guy is the same.

Once I tell him about Doodle Fruit, we may not be talking to each other for a while. We'll be too busy with our game addiction!


  1. I don't like games much. My Wanita does. She is hours in Bejeweled kind of games. I make fun of adults that play Pokemon Go.
    I am a Pokemon connoisseur you know. I have seen at least three Pokemon movies in the cinema. With my 7 year old daughter...
    Ah, well. I hope you have a lot of fun playing.

    Have fun, girl,

    1. Wanita has good taste in games. You and I share the same passion for laughing at adults playing Pokemon Go. I would rather call it Pokemon Go Away.

      I have nothing against Pokemon. I just don't get this game craze.

      Should I have any questions about Pokemon, I now know who to contact. =)