Monday, August 29, 2016

Phone tag to say hi before his flight

On Friday, just before 15:00, I had to leave my desk at work. I came back five minutes later and there was a missed call on my cell phone.

I didn't recognize the number. It was definitely an overseas phone number.

I needed Google to look up the country code. It was from the United Arab Emirates. It was my guy contacting me.

I decided to go into another room at work and call from a work phone. The first time, it rang, but I received a recording. I tried it again and my guy picked up.
"Hello?" he answered.
"Hey, it is you!" I exclaimed.
"Yes! How are you?" he asked me.
"Good. How long until your flight?" I asked him.
"I'm boarding as we speak," he advised. "I just wanted to say hi."
"I'm glad that you did. Safe travels and I'll see you soon."
He definitely misses me. I like when he calls me unexpectedly. It's sweet and thoughtful.


  1. How sweet...happy you were able to connect with him before he left, CB. Hope he's not gone too long.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. He's back! It's nice. It's now my turn to go away on business, which is rare!