Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Lunch date before my guy's flight

Over a couple of weeks ago, I had my first discussion with my boss about how I tend to be the reliable one on the team. When someone is in a jam, I am the one who ends up bailing that person out.

However, when I asked the team whether they could share a task that I have been doing for over five years, I got nothing. Figures.

This whole conversation, along with taking on more tasks because we are short-staffed, made me feel depressed. I told my guy that. He didn't like seeing me sad.

He was his typical sweet self. He wanted to cheer me up by taking me out for lunch before his flight to Seattle. I said yes without hesitation. We would be dining at our old hangout -- the Chinese restaurant by our old office building.

My guy and I both got there early and at roughly the same time. He looked good in his blue wool sweater. He was once again proving that he was my woolly mammoth.

Staff there are always nice and welcoming. I had finally written a review on Yelp after eating there for four years. The server thanked me for such a nice review. It was the least I could do. I also love eating there, as does my guy.

My guy and I both went with spicy dishes. He went with spicy beef. I went with spicy chicken. The food was consistent and yummy. We had a nice time chatting. It was nice being back that our favourite Chinese restaurant.

I asked my guy whether he needed a lift to the airport. He asked if I was okay with it. I was. He was happy to kiss this cab driver.

Naturally, my guy wanted me to lead us from the restaurant to our office. He is directionally challenged. He also admitted that he "likes following me," but not in a stalker way.

We got to the office and loaded my car up with his training materials and suitcase. We then held hands, laughed, and chatted as I drove him to the airport.

Once parked at the terminal area, I attempted to unload his lighter belongings from my car. He looked at me with his just-stand-there-and-look-cute-or-I-will-spank-you-hear look. He is protective of me and does not want me to do something crazy with my back. Instead, I watched him put all his stuff on a cart.

We hugged and kissed. He whispered that he'd call me soon. We then waved and I saw him walk into the terminal.


  1. What a sweet day. Love that your guy is protective of you...very sweet. Hope you get to skype together soon. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat