Sunday, December 27, 2015

Being Ms. Green and potentially being fondled

I had a chat with my guy the other day. I was talking about finding another job, as my current one isn't advancing my career.
"I need to find something that I like doing," I said to him.
"Of course. That makes perfect sense," my guy agreed.
"I should work at M&M's World. I'd be so happy," I said.
"Yes, but you may get a sugar high from all those candies," he warned.
"I can dress up as one of the M&M's characters. I can be Ms. Green. I can gain weight around my belly and no one will notice with my green circular costume on. Folks would only see my legs and arms," I advised.
"I'd love to see your legs in that costume," my guy admitted.
"It must get hot in that costume in the summer, though. Maybe I need to be naked in it."
"I'd love that!" my guy said with excitement. "I would casually reach into the side of your costume and play with you."
It's amazing how nakedness excites my guy. It's also fun being in a costume. I know what I am dressing up as for Halloween next year.


  1. love this post but remember Kermit the frogs song....Its not easy being green. LOL! A green m&m would be fun though.
    Hugs Lindy

    1. Poor Kermie! You're right. I'm sure it'll still be fun dressing up at Ms. Green. =)

  2. LOL are too funny. But ya know, I could dress up as one of the M&M's without having to gain weight around my belly...already have it so would be a perfect M&M! :D Oh and you'll have to post a picture of yourself in your Halloween costume. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Haha! You crack me up, Cat. I will post that pic once I figure out if I need to make my costume or if there's a Ms. Green costume available for purchase somewhere. =)

  3. Fair warning, you would probably have to move to Las Vegas to work for the official M&M factory.
    I think the naked under the costume is a much better idea...

    1. The closest M&M's World for me would be New York. I need to visit the one in Shanghai to finally say that I have visited all locations, so maybe I should move over there. Ah, so many decisions!

      I agree with you... it's easier to just find a costume and be naked in it. =)