Sunday, May 24, 2015

Panties just for a spanking

One of the books that I have been reading lately has recommended that spankees own spanking panties. The author insists that women who are spankees should have a number of panties specifically for when they get spanked.

In my case, I do have panties that I like wearing for spankings. My panties have some sort of lace on them or are entirely made of lace. I like them to be sexy and somewhat cover most of my backside. I have never been a huge fan of thongs. Wearing them defeats the purpose of having my guy pull them down, because he doesn't need to do that if my buttocks are fully exposed.

Of course, there are days when he will give me an impromptu spanking, so he will spank me with whatever panties I am wearing.

Most of the time, my panties come down. Some practical folks would think that whatever panties you are wearing doesn't really matter. Really, why bother wearing special panties anyway?

For me, it's a part of the spanking ritual. It's fun. I also like bringing some eye candy for my guy. He enjoys seeing what panties I am wearing. It's a part of the undressing ritual that we both like.

I do not have panties with some sort of message written across the backside, though. I haven't found anything that I like. I would like one that tells him to spank me here or one with a bullseye. I just haven't found a pair that I like just yet.


  1. Hey CB...I've never had any special panties for spanking...just whatever I was wearing when he decided I needed a bum warming. Have heard of others who have panties that they have to put on as part of their spanking ritual. Hope you find some "Spank Me" and/or bulls eye panties soon. ;)

    Hugs and blessing...Cat

    1. Thanks for sharing, Cat! I have found some cute spank-me panties at long last. I just need to order them online. =)