Saturday, May 23, 2015

Brief summary of The Spanking Hand Book and being a cheeky brat during a spanking

I have finished reading The Spanking Hand Book: The Authoritative Guide on Adult Discipline. I am trying not to sound like a book critic in the blog post, but I may add my two cents.

It was a pretty easy read. The book is a collection of spanking-related topics from various bloggers and authors. The topics vary, which I like, from historical facts and cultural spankings, to the best spanking positions to assume.

The only drawback? An editor should have reviewed all articles for grammatical and punctuation errors. Some articles were well-written. The horrible grammatical and punctuation issues in others made me cringe. Then again, I am a writer who tries her best not to make such errors. However, we are all human.

Erica Scott has a nice written piece, What Not to Say to Your Spanker! Of course, I like to tease my guy by making cheeky comments as I am over his knee for a spanking. I want him to spank me harder after saying them.

If he gives me a number of smacks on my panty-clad bottom and asks if I have learned my lesson, I may tell him, "Those smacks didn't hurt, so I must be a good girl." He will then challenge me by pulling down my panties, and spanking me both longer and harder across my bare bottom.

I like occasionally taking my free hand and playfully attempt to protect my backside from being spanked. My guy ends up either lightly smacking my hand away, or holding my hand down and spanking me harder.

It's fun to say these things to my guy. It makes the spanking enjoyable for both of us and it makes us laugh.


  1. LOL must be reading these books for fun and possibly ideas as you and your guy sure don't need any two have so much fun. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Aww, that's sweet of you to say, Cat! These books have sparked some fun ideas for us to try. We do many of them already, but it's nice to get some inspiration from books and from others. I also like reading these books for leisure. =)