Saturday, May 16, 2015

E-reader sale and wooden cheeseboards

I decided to leave work before 17:00 on Friday. I ended up having a nice dinner at my favourite deli. The server there is always nice and recognizes me as a regular. It feels like home.

After that, I visited Chapters, which primarily sells books, but also tea, home decorations, and stationery. The Kobo brand of e-readers are there. Oddly, I bought my Kobo Mini reader that I currently own from an online shopping network.

Anyway, I was looking at the newer, larger ones. The Kobo Aura is on sale. Part of me wants to get it, because I love a sale and I'm just a technology geek. I don't need one. It's definitely a want.

The sad thing was that I couldn't find anyone to help me get one in the store. I suppose that's why I tend to shop online for electronics. At least I got to try the one that I want. I can simply buy it online.

The crazy thing is that when I do buy almost anything online on Chapters's Web site using a Visa card, I get 20% off. I guess that the store want to discourage folks from talking to read people and buying merchandise in-store?

Chapters in an interesting place. The wooden cheeseboards remind me of decent spanking paddles. In Stockholm, there was a souvenir one. My guy playfully used it on me in the store.

I should ask for this wooden cheeseboard for my birthday. My guy would enjoy using it on me.


  1. I don't think we have any Chapters stores around here. I agree...I like to get my hands on electronics before I buy...even if I end up buying them online. Lets you get a feel for them...sometimes they end up not being what you really want and sometimes end up better. ;) Oh yes...ask for the cheeseboard as a you would love receiving your birthday spanking with your birthday present!

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Nope, Chapters is only in Canada. You guys have Barnes and Noble. I used to frequent Borders often, until it closed down. I was sad about the closure.

      Yes, receiving both the cheeseboard as birthday gift, followed by handing it over to my guy to give me my birthday spanking would be the best gift ever!

  2. I have a Kobo Aura, it's great for night time reading. They do a waterproof one which I wish I'd got for reading in the bath. My kids share a mini, which is handy for small hands and Harry Potter fans.

    1. Thanks for your comment, DelFonte! I decided to get the Koba Aura. Like you, I like reading at night. The Mini isn't a great reader at night, but it does the job with a decent lamp.

      I got the Mini to give e-reading a try. I do love the compact size, but the responsiveness is a bit annoying at times.

      After all the discounts, the Aura is $80 before taxes. So, I got it! I just have to wait for it to arrive at my door.

      I like the Aura H20, too. I don't do too much reading by water, but that could change down the road! I hope that it goes on sale, so that you can get it.