Saturday, May 30, 2015

It's nearly June, which means that the Spanking A to Z challenge is coming!

May has blown by.

Work is crazy. I have one writer who has taken vacation. Unfortunately, I had to fill in for her while trying to complete some software release work.

On a good note, the weekend is finally here! And, so is this year's June Challenge: Spanking A to Z. It's my second year participating in it.

I hope that you'll read my posts next month, or any month, really! Come join in on the fun if you'd like a fun writing challenge.

I'm off to bed now to get some sleep and prepare for fun writing challenges to come!


  1. I do understand crazy work schedule...have been dealing with that for the last month. Add major personal issues and I'm having trouble finding time to comb my hair! I will definitely make an effort to come visit when you post your A-Z challenge posts.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. I complete understand about the hair-combing business. Sometimes, I think that it would be easier just to shave my hair and not worry about combing it. My guy is against it. He likes my hair. =)

  2. Lots of fun with this challenge, girl with the naughty name! The writer in you will have a wonderful time. The GWTNN in IRL will be less pleased on a busy work day... But I have great faith in you, you will cope somehow!


    1. Thanks, Han. Writing in my blog is the best way for me to unwind, so this challenge helps me out. It's therapy in disguise!