Sunday, December 28, 2014

Spending time on Christmas and exchanging presents

My guy often tells me that he isn't good at giving gift. On the contrary, he is a thoughtful gift-giving guy.

He tells me that I am truly a great gift-giving gal. I end up buying him practical, unique items. They aren't difficult to find, but he thinks that he would have a challenging time finding them in a store.

The other week, he had visited the largest mall in the world and had picked me up a gift. I didn't want him to tell me what the gift was, as it would ruin the excitement of receiving it.

The day before he left Dubai, we had talked on Skype for 1.5 hours. He was packing a bunch of stuff away.
"I bought two Japanese Thermos bottles, so I can keep my tea hot," he stated.
"That sounds great! Are you packing them in your suitcase?"
"I may take them on the plane. They are fragile. I also have a pair of shoes. Should I take them out of the box?"
"If you have a plastic bag, you can put them in that and throw away the box. I do that all the time." I replied.
We finally got around to exchanging our Christmas gifts. I went first.

Those shoes? They were for me. He knows that I love sneakers. He also knows that I love Skechers shoes because the company sells a woman's size 11. I still have a difficult time finding girlie shoes with pretty patterns. He actually got a pair of gold sneakers with embroidered flowers on them. Even the shoelaces were sparkly. I felt like a giddy girl!

He was worried that I wouldn't like them. After seeing me so ecstatic about holding the sneakers and wanting to wear them immediately, he was relieved. He also got me three types of tea from Dubai. He is thoughtful. He remembered that I love lemon and mint teas. He got me cardamom as well, as he felt it would be similar to the chai tea that I love.

He got to open his gifts next. I got him three silicone cases for his phone. He often teases me that I have so many cases for my iPhone. His phone doesn't come close to having a ton of cases to purchase. I helped him out. He had also hinted that he wanted a silicone case.

I also got him a Micro Pedi, which has made me completely ditch my pumice stone and keep my heels in decent, smooth shape with this gadget. He marvelled at it for quite some time.

Finally, I got him the Wallet Ninja, which is 18 tools all in one slim card that you can store in your wallet. He always carries a pocket knife when he travels. I thought that this tool would come in handy. He absolutely loves it.

It was the perfect Christmas. We got to spend time together. We cuddled, snuggled, chatted, and opened presents together. It felt comfortable and right.


  1. I'm so glad you are together again this Christmas. Warm each other. Be warm for another.
    I can see his problem: It's wonderful to have a girl that buys thoughtful things (I love the Wallet Ninja!), but what to give her back? If you are not creative yourself, you have to compensate with searching hours and hours to find a right gift.

    But you are a thankful person to give things to, you are pleased with the gesture of his tea. I know it is not the tea itself, but it's that he remembered what you liked. Still, girl. Tea. You deserve one another.

    Happy times together,

    1. Thanks for your insight, Han. I do love tea, but it was both the thought and effort by my guy that I truly appreciated. The shoes are amazing, too.

      He does love the cell phone cases. The one that I thought he would love the most is the one that he has replaced his old one with. So, he's pretty happy, too.

  2. Congratulations on your gifts CB...I love the description of your shoes...would love if you posted a picture of them. Ooh and I would also love to have a wallet ninja...when you are traveling all those tools could come in handy. Thanks for sharing your exchange with us.

    Hugs and Blessings...

    1. Yes, I should post a photo of the shoes. I'll need to do it in another post. Too bad these blog comments don't allow for attachments.