Friday, December 05, 2014

Visiting the bazaar and smacking his backside with a plastic case

My guy has just hopped on his plane to Dubai. I miss him already.

I took a second sick day from work. I have been averaging thirteen hours of sleep for the last two day. It has done a lot of good. I am not coughing as much and I seem to be on the mend. If I can only get rid of the congestion that has clogged my left ear, I may be back to normal.

I am still reliving memories of my trip to Istanbul with my guy. It will have to do until we go on another trip together!

On Friday, we managed to go to one of the many bazaars around the city. This one was on the Asian side of the city, so it was nice to take a ferry to get there. We took many photos along the way.

I got tired of walking. All the crazy walking that I had done over the week had finally caught up with me. My guy was okay with my sitting down while he looked around. He was sweet to buy me a small bag of roasted chestnuts, which seemed to be everywhere in the city. He took one to enjoy while he headed out.

He came back about thirty minutes later. We then looked around for cell phone cases. He bought a couple. I seem to have an addiction, which I openly admitted to my guy. It made him smile.

I asked my guy about a screen protector that he had talked about. Sure enough, he had recommended a tempered glass one. I found one at a store, which was pretty cheap and bought it.

We walked around some more. I ended up buying Turkish apple tea, and a cute saucer and tea cup that I had wanted. We then decided to have some dinner before we would walk around some more.

Since it was our last night there, we went back to Taksim to get some Turkish delight. I was pretty chilled when I sat at a dessert place that had its front door open while my guy was looking for more gifts to bring back. He felt bad at how tired and cold I looked. We got into a taxi and he held me, keeping me warm.

We got back to the hotel and I was feeling better. I got some beer from the lounge. My guy disappeared for a bit while I was taking a shower. He came back moments after I was done and he was in a happy mood. I was applying the glass screen protector onto my phone.

My guy had downed a couple of bottles of beer on an empty stomach. He doesn't normally drink, but he was in a happy, loose mood.

He accidentally sat on my nearly empty container of Tic Tacs. I joked that they were butt-scented, which made me laugh in delight.

At one point, he got up and wiggled his butt at me. He was wearing his boxers and a t-shirt.

My glass screen protector came in a clear plastic case. I couldn't help it. I used it to smack his cute backside.
"Hey, I am the one that should be spanking you!" he said to me.
I got up and hugged him. I then gave him several playful smacks across his bottom. He didn't seem to object.

I kind of like him a bit tipsy. It was fun.

The next day, he told me that he thought that I had used my hand to smack his butt. I told him that it was the plastic case.

Although he has told me that he probably wouldn't like being spanked, he doesn't mind playful lovetaps. He also loves when I grope his backside.

All hope is not lost.


  1. Thanks for sharing another cute story CB...I so enjoy these snapshots into your relationship. Sending lots of prayers and healing energy that you get better soon.

    Hugs and Blessings...

    1. I do like sharing snippets of our relationship, Cat. It's a nice mix to all the spanking-good fun that we have.

      I am on the mend. I just need to shake off the cough.