Sunday, December 21, 2014

Hot dogs - miracles do come true

If you have been reading along for a bit, you will know that I do enjoy eating a hot dog from time to time. I tend to have a hot dog when I'm hungry after exercising my wallet at Costco. I also like having a hot dog when I am watching either a live sporting event or a movie.

Whenever my guy and I are out, and I see a hot dog option on the menu, I ask him if he would get me one. He will flat out tell me no. He did make an exception a couple of months ago and said that I could order one because he was in a good mood.

Our usual debate is that my guy argues that eating hot dogs is bad for your health. I tell him that I can get all-beef ones. He is unconvinced that they are truly pure beef. So, I end up telling him that eating hot dogs are yummy, which drives him crazy.

Well, he admitted to me that he had to eat some hot dogs last week in Dubai. I asked him for photographic proof. He refused and said that I should trust him.

My guy was still recovering from his jetlag. He woke up one morning and was running late for work. He ended up going to work on an empty stomach. My guy is the type of person who cannot function if he is hungry. He needs to curb his hunger immediately before he can function normally.

The only food available during his first break at the customer site were hot dogs. He told me that it was painful for him to eat them (yes, plural), but he was hungry and had no choice in the matter.

Today, I teased him that he has eaten more hot dogs this year than I have. It's a fun exercise, likely resulting in a sore bottom on my part. It's worth it!


  1. LOL CB...guess you need to catch up with him...can't let the non-hot dog lover's total beat the hot dog lover's total! ;)

    Hugs and Blessings...

    1. I know, right? I need to visit Costco more often. =)

  2. Never tease the man/hand that spanks you. Well, unless you want one. I have to admit, I think I would starve before eating a hot dog. I am no fun when my sugar levels are low so I would probably end up over his knee

    1. So true, although I like seeing how far I can tease him before he cracks and spanks me. I have missed being over his knee, so I am hoping that it happens later today. =)