Tuesday, February 04, 2014

A bit of buttock exposure is exciting - Miley spanking Madonna is not

This post's subject is old news by now. These days, I have been battling a sore throat and an annoying canker sore on the inside fleshy part of my lip. Both are finally starting to go away.

When I first heard about Miley Cyrus tweeting, "I SPANKED @Madonna (hard) (& she liked it)," it intrigued me. For years, I have been a Madonna fan (the hanky panky panty as my Blogger icon is a clue) and thought that it would be fun to watch.

So, here I was, scouring YouTube and whatever sites on the Internet I could find to witness this fine, hard spanking. To my disappointment, watching it didn't do anything for me.

Perhaps I didn't find it extraordinary because Miley Cyrus is boring to me. She is trying to be edgy and is trying too hard.

I suppose that I like to get a bit of a peek when it comes to seeing someone's backside. I like panties that cover most of one's backside, but there's still a bare spot here and there to entice me. I like hearing the sound of an implement or a bare hand smacking a bottom repeatedly. I like seeing the various shades of pink and red during the course of a spanking. I enjoy the layers of clothing coming down, ultimately exposing a cute, bare backside.

I got none of that watching Madonna being allegedly spanked hard. They were swats for entertainment and shock value. That was all. I am not at all disappointed. The spanking was simply not as hard as I had envisioned.

Maybe I just flat out miss my guy telling me that I am a bad girl who needs to be disciplined often. I enjoy playing the girl who apparently doesn't know that she is bad, resists getting spanked, and succumbs to being pulled over an attractive guy's lap for a hard, bare-bottomed spanking with his firm hand.

I like trying to stop being spanked by covering my exposed backside with a free hand. The last time I did that, my guy gently guided it aside, kissed my hand, and continued spanking me hard. I was incredibly turned on.

You can tell that I miss him these days. He is in the middle east right now on business. We keep in touch through e-mails. He is jet-lagged, so I have yet to hear his voice. Hopefully, that'll end soon.

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