Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Up and down... elevator rides are fun!

My guy was wondering if I would come to work for half the day today. Sure enough, I appeared. We were both happy. The ongoing joke that we have with another colleague is that whenever he is at work, I shouldn't show up. The reverse holds true, too.

He had disappeared for a couple of hours this afternoon. He was taking a look at all-season tires for his car.

We like to talk at work. It was just before 18:00 and we talked for nearly two hours. The events from last week had finally hit him. He felt blue.

The good news is that his replacement frames for his eyeglasses should arrive this week. His cell phone that seemed to be toast magically worked again.

He confided in me that he was listening to an audiobook that made him cry as he was driving to work today. He has heard me cry over the phone a couple of times. He is obviously comfortable telling me when he is sad. He wants to talk more about the book with me.

My guy later suggested that he find an audiobook that talked about spanking. I told him that listening to it could be dangerous while driving. I know that I couldn't do that. I'd need to listen to it at home.

He shared his Quality Street chocolates with me. He automatically gave me a caramel that is shaped like the tip of a penis. Today, he gave me another chocolate with a Brazil nut in it. Naturally, I had to find another chocolate that resembled the shaft of a penis. Yes, we like shapes and have fun with our chocolate.

He looked at me and liked the skinny, grey corduroy pants that I was wearing.
"You look amazing," he said. "Those pants highlight your figure nicely."
"Thanks," I replied, accepting his compliment, which is difficult for me. I am extremely humble.
"You are beautiful," he gushed. "You have such a pretty smile and I love how your hair frames your face. Few women can pull that off."
My guy knows what to say. We got to talking about my sixty-pound weight loss that I have been able to maintain for several months now. I had talked about what to do with my clothes that no longer fit me because they are huge on me now. Should I throw them off the top of a tall building? Burn them in a bonfire? Donate them? Keep them in case I gain all the weight back?
"I love the way you look," he admitted. "I don't think that you'll regain the weight. Just donate the clothes."
"I have gained all the weight that I have lost in the past," I indicated. "This is the longest period in which I have maintained my weight."
"That's good," he remarked. "You may think that you could lose some more weight, but I like how you look. I like hugging you."
The best part of the evening was leaving the building. We made it out to the elevators. He leaned over and kissed me. He is becoming more expressive these days.

We got into an empty elevator. We both have a thing for being together in one. I like the idea of stopping an elevator between floors and being spanked by him in one. I think about him sitting on the carpeted floor and my going over his lap. It's the perfect place to get a spanking. It's in closed quarters. It's in a tiny space. I can't escape. It's an intimate place.

Anyway, he pressed the elevator button to go down to the basement. Our cars are on the ground floor. We kissed passionately. He grabbed my hip and touched my left buttock. He moved over to my left breast. I loved it all.

We got to the basement. He pressed the tenth floor button. We hugged and made out some more. We repeated this procedure a few times more.

The coincidental part about our making-out session in the elevator? These days, I have been listening to "Up and down" by Pet Shop Boys. My wish came true today. Perhaps I need to find a song on spanking now.

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