Sunday, March 11, 2012

Crazy week and a plan to spank my guy

This week has been quite an odd one for my guy. However, many positive outcomes have occurred from the bizarre experiences.

I will attempt to be brief. My guy had his eyeglasses broken by a former colleague (FC). FC was recently fired. I have been told by several colleagues that FC was mentally unstable and wasn't taking his medication. Whether he was fired because he was off his medication and couldn't cope is unclear.

Anyway, a colleague, who is here from a different part of the world, had no idea that FC had been fired. He told her that he wanted to talk to someone in the office and asked that she use her badge to get into the building. Being who she is, she let him in. Although we have a policy to not let people who do not show proper identification in, she didn't want to deal with him and let him in. She has always felt that FC was too creepy for her liking.

FC was looking for my boss, but he wasn't there. The first person FC recognized was my guy, who shook his hand and asked how he was. FC took my guy's glasses off his face and snapped them in half.

In a nutshell, both someone in upper management and the human resources person asked that my guy press charges against FC. Both my guy and I were on the same page. Having charges laid against FC will not help him get better. He needs help and support for his mental condition. FC is not going to do well in life with a criminal record.

My guy and I have the same personality. He had thought about driving himself home with his broken pair of glasses. I was concerned and had offered to drive him home. The company, thankfully, decided to pay for him cab ride home. He lives fairly far away from work.

We are both cool and calm people. My guy was handling everything well. I asked if he was okay, delicately brushing my finger against his nose that did not have his glasses sitting on it. We have actually grown closer as a couple.

My guy is extremely affectionate. For the first time, he came to my cubicle, sat on one part of my desk, leaned over, and kissed me on the lips. He has never done that before. I was not expecting him to plant a kiss like that at work, but I loved it. I held his hand between both my hands. I was glad that he was okay.

To top off this day, his cell phone had died. He could receive calls, but could not make any. He was having such a rough day, but was taking everything well.

This post was to talk about how to introduce him to receiving a spanking. It's difficult to playfully justify a reason for spanking him. He is a decent person and I am fortunate to be with him. Like me, a reason isn't necessary to justify receiving a spanking. I just want to be spanked for being naughty behind closed doors. I like it. He is curious about whether he would like being spanked. When role-playing, it does help to make up a reason for getting spanked.

His birthday is coming up. It would be perfect to playfully spank him on his special day. If not, I like the thought of receiving his birthday smacks on my bare backside. I do think that we need to discuss how hard he would like me to spank him. As they say, communication is important. My spanking him for the first time is no different.

Just out of curiosity, I decided to do a quick search on the topic of spanking someone for the first time. It is interesting how many articles are out there on how a man should spank a woman for the first time. There isn't as much material written for a woman who wants to spank a man.

Perhaps I need to write such a guide once I figure out all the details.

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