Friday, March 16, 2012

Sunshine, blue skies, black bra, and a red bottom

Wednesday was a good day. The sun was shining. I turned my guy on. And, I got spanked.

I probably have Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). I don't get depressed to the point where I do not want to get out of bed. However, a lack of sunshine does make me feel sluggish. I didn't feel that way on Wednesday, though.

I arrived at work in the afternoon. I continue spending half the day at home and the other half at work. My guy came in an hour later from lunch. I could tell that he got his new replacement frames for his eyeglasses. He looked good.

We teased each other for a bit. He came over to my desk to help me with a question that I had about our software application. He was sitting on my desk. I touched his left thigh gently. He liked that. When I had stopped stroking it briefly, he held my hand.

Towards the end of the day, he sent me a message on Skype, asking if we were going to have a meeting. I was game. We drove to our local parking lot and climbed into the backseat of his car.

We talked briefly. He touched my left cheek, stroking it gently. His hand then made its way down to my chin. I smiled. He did, too.

We made out. Sometimes, I feel that we are two teenagers who are madly in love. I could tell that he missed me and wanted me. He was kissing me passionately and intensely. He wanted to be hugged. We were in a close, tight embrace for a bit.

More kissing ensued. He went to touch my tummy and I giggled. I am ticklish.
"I want to touch your tummy," he said with a smile.
"I know. I'm sorry," I said, hugging him. He reciprocated.
"It's okay. You're sweet."
He unzipped and unbuttoned my jeans as we continued to kiss. I moved my hand down to his penis, which was erect under his jeans. He undid his jeans, too, and let me stroke his cock.

He went to hug me again. He then proceeded to put one hand under my sweater and cupped my breasts. He got a look at my bra.
"Ooh, it's black," he said, as if he were a boy who fancied an ice cream.
"Hold on," I said, taking my sweater off.
"Wow!" he exclaimed. "So sexy!"
He was completely turned on. He took his hard cock out of his briefs and wanted me to stroke it. He then did the jerking off as I played with his balls. He loved looking at my black bra that I was wearing. He ended up ejaculating in my hand. We then cleaned up and rested for a bit.

My guy's hand made it over to my panties. He was groping my right buttock.
"Have you been good?" he asked me quietly.
"I don't know how," I replied.
"You know what happens to bad girls like you?"
"Maybe," I teased.
"So, that means that you don't know?" he said, playing along.
I moved from my position of snuggling next to him. He moved to the middle of his car's backseat. I went over his lap. He pulled down my jeans and had a pair of pink panties on. I could see the car mat on his car's floor.
"Comfy?" he asked me. It was a serious question, but I also found it a bit humourous.
"As comfy as I can be," I replied, thinking that I'm going to get spanked, which is not supposed to be comfortable.
He alternated between smacking, groping, and pinching each buttock. I was completely horny. He did this for a good minute, occasionally rubbing the backs of my thighs.

He then pulled down my panties and continued to smack my bare backside, giving me a few pinches along the way. The last four smacks were hard across my bottom. I could feel the sting. I loved it.

While over his lap, he played with my clit, to the point where I came. I was so wet. I loved it.

We then sat in the car and relaxed. We talked for nearly two hours about everything. It was the perfect ending to the workday, especially cuddling up to him with a pink backside to match the colour of my panties.

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