Tuesday, March 09, 2021

Vacation day on Wednesday

It's a new workweek. I am taking Wednesday off as a vacation day. It's nice to break up the week into smaller segments.

I'm taking my car in for its usual servicing. It still doesn't offer shuttle service. I enjoy sitting there and relaxing. I also have a couple of errands to run afterwards. Considering that I'm not travelling much these days, I might as well start using my vacation days up slowly.

One more workday before my vacation day. It's great looking forward to a vacation day.


  1. At the end of last year i took many mid week breaks to use up my vacation days too... it WAS quite lovely to only work 2 days at a time! Enjoy your day off tomorrow!

    1. Taking little vacation breaks here and there is growing on me. I like the shorter work periods!