Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Restoring my phone thanks to crappy app updates

Yesterday, my phone was acting up. After a number of automatic app updates, a number of apps weren't working properly afterwards

When I launched any e-mail app, it would flash and close up. I also had issues opening my Amazon, Sephora, and Rogers apps.

Normally, I can uninstall and reinstall a problematic app and I'm good. It didn't work for any of them. You also can't uninstall the Gmail app on a Google Pixel phone.

I ended up erasing everything on my phone and installing my data from a backup that had occurred three hours earlier.

Other than signing into every app that I use, my phone works well again. Man, I'm tired!


  1. gosh tech woes are really draining. glad you got it all sorted!

    1. For sure! On a good note, my phone works much better performance-wise.