Friday, March 12, 2021

Breakthrough at work

I enjoyed work on Thursday. I managed to make an important breakthrough with a side project that I'm working on.

With this side project, the documentation is outdated. The software has changed its look and feel. The person working first-level support is horrible. Instead, I have been working with a software developer who has pointed me in the right direction a number of times. I have been so fortunate. Even she recognized that he's not the most savvy person.

I attended a meeting later on in the day. A speaker kept on saying "you know" so often that it became annoying. It was at least once in a sentence. Ugh!

One more workday to go. I like the sound of that!


  1. I hate it when a speaker has a "filler" and after hearing it too often it usually starts to get on my nerves!

    1. It's such a distraction that I didn't care what the guy's main message was!