Wednesday, March 10, 2021


I have been planning what I will be doing after my car is serviced. I have three errands that I must run. Lunch and dinner are in the planning stages. It's fun!

There's one place that sells a massive meatball as an appetizer. It looks like a meal to me! I also like the idea of having Persian food.

It's great having plenty of choices to choose from.


  1. Before the pandemic I traveled significantly to different parts of the world and would always encourage my Clients to choose 'off the tourist trap' restaurants for dinner. Middle Eastern food is a favorite and I hope you get to experiment with Persian food. Enjoy your vacation!

    1. I do miss travel, but love when I find hole-in-the-wall eateries. There were a few Persian eateries by my workplace that I love. Since I'm haven't gone into the office for a year, I'm figuring out similar eateries closer to home.