Friday, September 18, 2020

Enjoying a break

I have good and bad days, as do many folks. 

Although it has been over a year since my relationship ended, part of me misses the affection and playfulness of being with a partner. The other part of me knows that I'm not ready to be in a relationship at this stage. I'm okay with a break.

Having friends to talk to, keeping busy with my hobbies, and putting my thoughts down in this blog have been more than helpful. However, there are some days where I want to be by myself, lay in bed, and do nothing. I want to take a break from doing hobbies and blogging. I simply enjoy doing nothing.

And, it's okay. I work hard. Downtime is okay.

So, I have missed a blog post here and there. I know that there is no need to justify why. I'm good. I just need some downtime for myself now and again.


  1. I like seeing your posts, but I would never count it against you if you skipped some. And, everyone needs down time and even alone time. You have my permission (FWIW) to get a good book or something and just take time for yourself.

    1. Thanks, RP. I like taking brief blogging breaks. I"m not seeking permission. This post was to sort out my having off days and taking care of me.

  2. I often feel society pressures us to constantly be "working", even during our down time; the pressure to always be on via hobbies or creative pursuits or other things. We all need time to recharge and there is nothing wrong with that.

    1. Yes, I tend to be constantly on the go and working. Keeping busy. I agree that it's okay to take it easy and to take some time for some much needed self-care.