Friday, September 11, 2020

Sleep, work, and ignore Instagram

Short workweek. As predicted, it has been super busy for me.

Extra, unanticipated work came my way on Wednesday. I was so exhausted that I slept until I heard my alarm go off yesterday morning. I have rarely done that since I've been working from home.

I took a break from Instagram yesterday. It helped that I was busy. 

I've mentioned this detail in a past post. I get tired of men liking posts of me. I don't have too many, thankfully. It's sad that they can't type their alleged real name correctly in their handle. That's my first turnoff. Second, saying one word to me does make me want to write back. I like when someone writes something meaningful, creative, fun, thoughtful, funny, ... you get the drift. I get none of that. Third, I don't like when they demand (not ask) me to reply. It makes me completely ignore them.

Ever since I changed my profile photo on Instagram, I have had this surge of men saying hi. It's weird. Perhaps I should make my account private.


  1. I have managed to resist the urge to create an instagram profile. And honestly I don't think i have the time to babysit yet another social media account. I do have friends with insta profiles and from what i know, most of them have it set to private. Maybe that will help some.

    1. I have tried to limit the number of social media accounts that I have. My time on Twitter and Facebook is practically nonexistent.

      Having a private account will remove these unwanted visitors. I will never understand Instagram's algorithm and how it has managed to attract these people to say hello only.

  2. Hi Cutiebootie - I actually keep meaning to set up my Instagram for my photography, but mostly to get away from the nonsense of FB and Twitter. I didn't realize Instagram was a place to hit on girls; maybe I should be taking notes.

    1. I love taking photos, so Instagram is the perfect social platform for me. I wish that decent guys would approach me, rather than guys with fake photos saying one word. Ugh!