Wednesday, September 02, 2020

Scooter with a kickstand is mine for free!

At work, we have a fitness program. When you hit a certain number of points based on your exercise and wellness progress, you get $75 each quarter to spend on whatever. I tend to get a gift card from Amazon.

We also have a recognition program. The more points you receive from others who recognize you and your accomplishments at work, you can also redeem points towards goods.

I have saved enough through these programs to get a kickstand scooter. I have wanted one for years. When the Razor scooter was popular, I tried it out stateside at Sam's Club. I rode it up and down an aisle and loved it.

Perhaps down the road, I will consider an electric version. For now, I'm pleased with the manual version. I figure that I can get more exercise out of it and it weighs less.

I get to pick it up later today. I am so excited!


  1. Enjoy your scootering. Don't graze your knees.

    1. Thanks! Maybe I should get knee pads next.

    2. Actually a little like roller blades you'd be better with a helmet and wrist guards.

    3. Anything with wheels should require a helmet, at least. You need a helmet to ride a bicycle, so I see the same thing with a scooter that has the same number of wheels.

    4. In addition to a helmet, is what I intended to say :)