Sunday, September 27, 2020

Toilet roll dream

A few nights ago, I dreamt of a toilet paper roll. It was odd.

I looked at what it may symbolize. There are many interpretations.

One interpretation is that it's a warming. Someone is apparently wanting to invade my personal territory or get confidential information.

A second interpretation is the following from

To dream about toilet paper rolls, represents aftermath and cleanup of emotional release. You are ready to heal and recover from your emotional outburst. It should be noted that you will still leave a mark somewhere, but those marks will soon be forgotten.

My guess is that telling my ex that I hate him and that he's an asshole fits this interpretation. Although I don't like saying cross words to anyone, it was time to tell him off. I'm at peace with my outburst. He needed to hear it, as opposed to his thinking that we could continue being friends, even though he hurt me deeply.

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