Monday, September 14, 2020

Ten-year work anniversary on a Sunday

Yesterday marked my ten-year work anniversary. It was quite the unexpected milestone.

I used to be the person who held a job for two to three years. At this company, there have been many ups and downs that I have experienced and that I continue to endure. I am still kicking around.

I feel that I have stayed on for this long because my role seems to change every year or two. I also have established myself as a competent, reliable employee that I'm comfortable and my manager feels the same way about me. I also continue to pick up new skills and my job is still interesting to me.

Reaching this mark makes me look forward to a week more of vacation.


  1. Congratulations! Plan that vacation!

    1. Thanks! I'll probably do a staycation. Thanksgiving is coming up, so I'll make it a longer one.

  2. Good job! Hope this continues to work out for you.