Sunday, April 23, 2017

V is for valuing my short skirt #AtoZchallenge

I tend to sleep in on Saturdays. My guy was sweet to call me a bit later than usual on Saturday.
"Hey," I said on the phone, with a green drink in my hand.
"Hey, did I wake you up?" he asked cautiously.
"Do I sound sleepy?" I asked him.
"I didn't want to call early, so I waited," he remarked.
"You're sweet. I have been up since 10:20," I advised, which meant that I had been up for over an hour.
We chatted. I had just finished blending my green drink in my mixer and was busy pouring the extra in a bottle. He liked that I was enthusiastic about my new blending kick.
"Can you wear your skirt for me?" he asked me.
"I can. The earlier that we meet, the shorter it will be," I teased.
My guy loves seeing my legs in a skirt. The weather called for a temperature of 15°C, so it was definitely warm enough to wear one.

That afternoon, he was thrilled to see me in my short skirt. At the end of our time together on Saturday, he admired how short it was, and caressed both my thighs.

We were both in the backseat of his car. He deliberately watched me exit his car. He whistled at me. He liked what he saw.

It's amazing how happy he is when I wear a short skirt.


  1. Happy you got some treehouse time with your guy, CB. So how was your green drink?

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Treehouse time was wonderful. I am sore -- no complains! My green drink was much better on Sunday. More on both in upcoming posts. =)