Saturday, April 22, 2017

U is for under control #AtoZchallenge

I am on the quest to lower my blood pressure, reduce my stress, and eat better. It helps that I have supportive people around me.

On Tuesday, my free blood pressure monitor arrived. It is fancy. It even detects arrhythmia. The device is recommended by Hypertension Canada.

As crazy as it may seem, I enjoy taking my blood pressure. I relax and do the reading twice. So far, my blood pressure has been under control.

Trying to reduce stress is challenging. My stress is definitely work-related. I tend to put my instant messaging program in do-not-disturb mode these days. That way, folks can only contact me through e-mail. For my manager, he knows that I am online being in this status. If I could, I would log off completely. I have found that I am happier and definitely not as stressed when I take this approach.

I find that I feel obligated to respond to folks when they send me an instant message. I also get worked up when I am focused on something and I get inundated which such messages. They are a distraction. I get annoyed when folks send me an e-mail to ask me something, I respond, and then the person has the need to talk further on our instant messaging program. Ugh!

My guy is supportive. He keeps telling me that work is not important and to take it easy. I find that cuddling with him reduces my stress. Well, being with him always does.

My manager has been equally as supportive. The other day, he sent me a green drink blender recipe. Blending a green apple, celery stalks, green pepper, spinach, and cucumber helped his brother lower his blood pressure. After work on Friday, I went to the grocery store to prepare. I will give it a whirl (literally) using my fancy blender tomorrow. Here's to healthy green drinks!


  1. Happy to hear your blood pressure seems to be under control, CB. Hope you like the healthy green drink. :)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. My first green drink turned out pretty well. I don't need to green apple, so I took that out the next day. I also need to blend it longer.

      Day two was definitely better! I now blend it with soy or almond beverage, to thin it out a bit.