Friday, April 07, 2017

G is for George and God #AtoZchallenge

Just before Christmas, my manager made a comment while a number of us were working that the software development manager (my guy has nicknamed him Sharky, for he seems to be attracted to me and circles around my desk) looks like George Clooney. My manager went on and on about him.

I decided to tease my manager about it, by saying that Sharky was his man-crush and boyfriend. I did it again yesterday when my manager looked at a prospective candidate's photo on LinkedIn, and decided to paint a picture of how tall he is, how much he weighs, and more. He even told me that he is hairy.
"Are you developing another man-crush? First it was George over there, and now it's this new hairy fellow?" I teased.
"Okay, stop," he said.
"Stop what? It's all true!"
My pointing out his boyfriends makes my manager immediately stop talking about them. It's good.

The other day, I decided to look for some freelancing work that I can do on the side. I decided to try one out where you write short articles.

I first got a written interview through e-mail. It consisted of answering a set of questions in a Word document. It was about my education, my degrees, what I do for a living, and a few other areas. Based on my answers, if they were satisfactory, I'd go on to the next stage.

Sure enough, I made it. The next phase was a test assignment. This work consisted of reading a given article, and arguing for or against what the author was conveying.

The topic? Religion. Yes, it was about God. The article was philosophical.

First, I studied a number of philosophers in my last year of high school. I did not enjoy it. Second, I am not a heavily religious person. So, I felt that I was doomed trying to write a three-page test assignment.

However, I am a pretty logical person. I am good at stating my case and backing it up with examples. I did exactly that.

The assignment is due on Friday night. I sent it off on Thursday night. It has references and a bibliography, too.

My view is that if this prospective employer passes on me, I will be okay. At least I did everything I could. It will also be this employer's loss, as I still managed to turn in a high-quality, thoughtful piece in which the topic did not do much for me. However, I gave it my best job. I'm good with that fact.

My guy has always encouraged me to take on some part-time work that involves writing, because it's what I love. He has even encouraged me to have a side business of reviewing and editing people's essays and theses. Perhaps I should try this endeavour should I not get this freelancing gig.


  1. That is an odd topic as a test assignment, CB. Hope you get the gig, if that's what you want. I think you would be great at editing and reviewing essays, theses as well as other business materials.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. I felt the same way about the topic, Cat. It's not my forte, but I did my best, which sits well with me.

      Thanks for your vote of confidence. I am hoping to do something a bit different with this gig, should I get it. It would be a nice change. =)

  2. Good post. I wonder if the topic was to see how well it would be written or to see how well the answer would blend in with other answers.

    1. Thanks for dropping by!

      I can only speculate that the topic was chosen to determine whether prospective candidates can write about a topic that can be controversial and perhaps unpopular. On a good note, I am glad that I completed this test. I can only hope that I am chosen to work with this company.