Friday, April 28, 2017

Aggravating insurance question, farewell to a student, and hello to celebrating seven years at work

This week has been quite the mix. Frankly, I can't wait for this week to be over.

Late last week, I got a call from the drug program that I am on for my eye injections. This program will cover the remaining 10% of the drug cost that my insurance does not cover. That's good. I had to schedule a phone meeting with yet another person at my insurance company. It was on Monday.

We talked. She asked me whether I wanted my insurance to handle getting the drug from its own pharmacy or to go with my ophthalmologist's pharmacy. This question actually caused my stress level to go up. I asked what the difference was. Apparently, going with my own insurance's pharmacy would lower costs for my insurance.

I basically slammed this woman by saying that I shouldn't have to decide. All I am concerned about is showing up for my appointment next week and having the drug available for my eye injection. Can this insurance's pharmacy guarantee that it will deliver the drug that I need to my ophthalmologist's office on time? I told her that I should not need to be concerned about whether the drug will be there for me. I need to get better. My health is more important that dealing with such an odd issue that only benefits my insurance company, but could cause issues for me if someone drops the delivery ball.

I flat out said that I wanted to go with my ophthalmologist's pharmacy. It has worked fine for my first appointment. Why break it? Why add more unnecessary stress?

Friday is one of my co-op student's final day of her work term. She is a sweet person who gave me looseleaf green tea from China as a gift. She wasn't one of my better students, though. I think that she is young and needs to mature. She also needs to establish a better work ethic, which I hope will get better with time and experience.

On Friday, we have a farewell lunch for her. I also have three interviews to conduct that same day, as we are hiring new writers and can't keep up with the growth. It will be hectic, to say the least!

My guy and I talked about how long we have been with our employer. He started six months before I did. He hit his seven-year anniversary last month. Mine is in September. It's crazy that we have lasted this long and met at work. We are grateful.

Our next date is on Sunday. He has already requested my wearing a skirt. It's sweet that he asks ahead of time.


  1. Awww companies pure D suck don't they....they seem to go out of their way to make everything as stressful as possible! Sending lots of prayers and healing energy that your eye heals soon.

    Sometimes interns just are not mature enough and don't realize what holding down a full time job actually entails. Hope you find some super good writers asap.

    Have a wonderful Sunday with your guy! Don't forget your ruler! Maybe ya need to buy an extra and put it in his car. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Thanks, Cat. Unfortunately, I had to deal with the insurance company on Friday. It wasn't fun. I ended up having to vent to my manager, which helped. Folks don't seem to communicate. What I had said that I wanted on Monday didn't happen. So, what's the point of asking me what I want? It's frustrating!

      I was thinking about the ruler situation recently, too. I tend to simply take my ruler out of my car and bring it with me to his car these days. However, it is easier to just have another ruler available in his car. I'll need to go ruler shopping soon. =)