Sunday, April 30, 2017

Work-related question, almond beverage, and thoughtfulness

On Saturday, my guy missed me so much that he wanted to talk to me before and after his course. He is sweet that way.

The second chat that we had over the phone, I was having a late lunch at a shawarma place. He recommended that I get the beef shawarma. It was nice that he was keeping me company and making a food suggestion while I was there.
"I have a work-related question," he stated.
"What happened to your usual by-the-way lead-in, which tips me off that it's work-related?" I asked.
"I didn't want to alarm you, but I guess that I should have started it off that way," he admitted.
He described his issue. I told him the scoop and advised that I would provide links to the work that my team produces. His work is now dependent on what my team writes. It's isn't a newsflash, but it puts pressure on his group to deliver faster.
"You're lucky that you have me to help you out here," I pointed out.
"I'm lucky to have you all the time. I owe you a lot," he said.
"You're so mushy. You did buy me almond beverage from our favourite liquidation place," I said.
"Yes. Don't forget to take them from me tomorrow," he advised.
"We'll need to do it before our date. Otherwise, we'll both forget," I stated.
"True. I can't wait to see you."
He's thoughtful and sweet. I'm lucky to have him.

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