Thursday, July 02, 2015

Trips, suggestions, and a couple of early birthday gifts

It has been an interesting week as far as trips go. My guy is on business in Denver. Coincidentally, I visited the Mile High city (high has a couple of connotations, at least!) exactly a year ago.

I am currently on vacation in Las Vegas. So far, I am enjoying being a tourist, minus the rare humid day today along with high temperatures in the lower forties on the Celsius scale.

My guy and I talked on Skype on Tuesday, Sometime last week, I had sent my guy a list of touristy sites to see and places to eat. Normally, he doesn't have time to be a tourist. However, he does this trip.

I suggested that he visit a Chinese restaurant that I loved. He listened to me and went there. He sent me a picture of the food dish that he ordered with rice in the shape of a pyramid. He loved it there. I was so happy.

I flew out to Las Vegas last night. My guy wished me a safe flight a handful of times.

My birthday is tomorrow. My guy knows that I want to learn how to drive a manual car. I keep teasing him that he'll teach me, but he doesn't want anyone to drive his car. So, he has offered to get me lessons for an instructor to show me. He's funny and sweet that way.

Obviously, my birthday spanking is delayed. I'm okay with it. It just means that I can be bad for a little longer.


  1. Hope you have a wonderful birthday and relaxing vacation

    1. Thanks so much, DD! My birthday was great and I am enjoying my vacation so far.

  2. Las Vegas is a fun place to visit CB...hope you get to enjoy several shows while you're there. Wishing you a very happy birthday...enjoy your vacation.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Thanks, Cat! I have a couple of shows lined up. Shopping and dining have been great so far.