Saturday, July 25, 2015

Surprise office visit from my guy

I won't be seeing my guy for the next couple of weeks. He ventures off to Seattle for a business trip.

I'd love to go to Seattle. I asked my guy to visit the following places while there:

  • The fish market, including catching a fish being tossed around
  • The flagship Starbucks store (Starbucks girl wants a photo)
  • Trader Joe's (not sure if there's one there, but I had indicated that I was low on dark chocolate edamame beans, and my guy immediately said that he'd get me some)
The last one wasn't really something I had asked him to do. I never got around to visiting a Trader Joe's in Las Vegas. My guy is sweet in insisting that he would replenish my supply.

Friday wasn't the best workday. Most of the writers on my team tend to go on walks during the lunch hour. They omitted me at first. When one of them asked me to accompany them one time, I politely turned them down. Apparently, that response meant that I am never to be included again.

I don't like being excluded like that. However, on a good note, I do read a lot of good e-books on my lunch hour these days. I can indeed squeeze in some quiet reading time for myself after all!

Anyway, my guy (MG) pinged me on our office instant messaging tool late Friday morning, from what seemed to be out of the blue.
MG: Hi.
Me: Hi.
MG: I will be in the office today. Did you want to have lunch at 13:30?
Me: Okay. I have to be back by 15:00 for a meeting.
MG: Sure. I'll text you when I arrive.
Me: Sounds good. Drive safely.
MG: Will do. See you soon!
My guy actually arrived just after 13:30. It was nice to see him. He waited for me in the visitor parking lot and drove us over to our usual Chinese restaurant.

He normally works from home, but he had to ask a software developer some questions in preparation for his trip, so he came into the office. He looked good.

A lunch date is always great with my guy. It was much better than reading my e-book on a Friday.


  1. Sorry your writers are so immature...worked with a crew like that...they ask you once...if your "lucky" and if you turn them down, that's it. SMH Happy you and your guy were able to have lunch together...too bad you can't come with him to Seattle...hope he gets your dark chocolate edamame beans. Have a great weekend.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Thanks, Cat. Yeah, it's sad that they have excluded me, which says volumes about them.

      I am sure that there will be more trips with my guy down the road. Here's hoping that he goes back to Seattle. =)

  2. I agree with Cat about the maturity of your colleagues. Don't worry, it says all about them not about you, GWTTN. I always smile how much you enjoy the stolen moments with your guy. He looked good, huh?


    1. Thanks for your words of encouragement, Han. It means a lot.

      And, yes, my guy looked good on Friday. Absence does make my heart grow fonder of him. =)