Saturday, February 14, 2015

Kissing effect and feeling loved

My guy has always told me that he enjoys kissing me. He told me that he has never spent long periods kissing someone as much as he has with me. I feel the same way about his kisses.

The fact that we have full lips makes kissing both pleasurable and intoxicating. When we French kiss, my guy noticed early in our relationship that I have the smoothest tongue. I often outline his lips with it, among other things.

So, when we were romantically kissing while it was snowing last weekend, it turned him on. He was tired, but the kiss made him want to get off.
"We need a brief treehouse session," my guy stated, obviously horny.
"We can use my car. I won't brush off the snow."
"Good idea. There's plenty of it to mask our activities."
So, we had a quick session. We kissed more passionately in my car. It was nice. I got to caress his chest. He reciprocated by groping my breast and thigh. He wanted my leg over his. It was almost an automatic gesture on my part.

He made me reach orgasm first. Kissing him helps. I reached down and found his cock, which was hard in his jeans. I told him that he was so attractive. He liked that and knew that I had meant it.

Sure enough, I got to play with his hard member and enjoyed jerking him off as we continued to kiss. My guy came fairly quickly.
"I want to say sorry for kissing you, but I'm not," I told him.
"I know," my guy said, in a fairly dopey tone.
We rested briefly because my guy had to drop off his donation of coats before the place closed at 20:00. He got most of the snow brushed off his car. He yelled out to me to drive safely. I told him the same.

He drove slowly away, with the both of us waving to each other.

After I had cleared off the snow on my car, I made my way home through the snow, content that I got to spend some quality time loving and being with my guy. And, I felt loved.


  1. It feels great to love and feel loved, girl with the naughty name. Bask in it.


  2. I love the way you two have so much fun together CB. Hope you get more fun soon.

    Hugs and Blessings...