Sunday, July 13, 2014

Belated birthday spanking and more

My guy is practically back to his normal self. These days, he is content about everything. I could also tell that he had missed me while I was away on vacation.

He was so happy to see me on Wednesday. He couldn't wait. He called me on his cell phone while he was driving to work. He called me at 08:45. He knew that I tend to be an early riser. Seeing that I was sort of on vacation, he wanted to wait as long as he could, in case I was still asleep. Knowing him, he wanted to talk to me as soon as he could. It was so good to hear his voice again.

On Thursday, we had lunch together. It was good. He asked me what dishes at the Chinese restaurant had sugar in them. He is trying to cut out sugar from his diet. I have done that in the past, but try and do a balance these days.

He broke the news to me that he can't have lunch with me on Monday. He has a meeting with his manager and his manager's manager. I pouted. He looked at me longingly. I playfully pouted some more. He said that he would make it up to me. I was happy again.

The bill came. There were two green tea candies. I handed him one.
"You can have that. I am cutting out sugar from my diet," he reminded me.
"Are you sure? It's not completely healthy to remove all sugar from your diet, you know," I said.
"I am hoping to get some sugar from you later on today," he said, smiling.
"You are smooth," I noted.
"I don't need any more sugar," he explained.
"That's because you are sweet as-is," I remarked.
"You are, too," he said, as we both smiled at each other.
I had suggested the other day that we spend some time cuddling and looking at photos together. He liked that idea and said that after work would be perfect.

I went into the office after being on vacation for ten days. It was somewhat nice to be back, although nothing really has changed much. I was more interested in seeing my guy after work.

I left at 17:30 and visited the training room. There were trainees there. I asked them where my guy went. Apparently, he went home. I then realized that these guys would be there for a while, so my guy decided to change our venue.

Sure enough, he was in his car, looking at his phone. He looked up at me, said hi, and said that he was waiting for me. We would be heading over to our usual parking lot for some quality cuddling time.

We got there and got into the backseat of my car. He held me in his arms. I asked him about his day. He said that it was boring, other than lunch. My head was leaning against his chest. I was stretched out a bit.

My guy put his left had on my hip, which gradually slipped into my left back pant pocket. His hand slipped out out and he started lightly groping my buttock before he started lightly slapping it.

The slaps gradually became harder. I was getting more aroused by the second.
"What's that for?" I asked him playfully.
"For being a bad girl," he said, punctuating it with another hard smack.
"But, I'm always a good girl," I replied with a slightly whiny tone.
"No, you've been away from me more nearly two weeks," he stated, giving me another hard slap across my left buttock.
"That's not my fault," I said.
"You need a spanking. Assume the position," he said, looking at me, and then his lap.
We kissed passionately for a moment before I went over his knee. He asked me whether I was comfortable, like he has in the past. I said that I was for now, but my backside probably won't be after my spanking.

It was still that time of the month for me, so I didn't get a bare-bottomed spanking. Still, getting a spanking across my pants hurts after my guy is done with me.

He spanked me hard. I loved every moment. He started by spanking each buttock in a rhythmic fashion. He then spanked each buttock in spurts. At one point, he was giving each side seven rapid, hard smacks. He also gave me some rather hard pinches, which hurt and I loved.
"Is this my birthday spanking?" I asked him in-between saying ow.
"Yes, we need to make up for all the days that you were away from me."
It was the nicest birthday spanking from him. He managed to rub my crotch to the point where I actually came. I rested limp across his lap. He caressed my sore buttocks and have me a huge hug after I got up.

I looked up at him, head his face in my hands, told him that he was adorable, and kissed him sweetly.

I then pleasured him by giving him a handjob. It was a bit of a different spin on it. He rolled up my right pant leg and caressed the length of my bare leg.

My guy proceeded to unbutton and unzip his pants. He pulled down his briefs and his hard member simply looked like it was pleased to see me. It rubbed against my bare leg. I started to jerk him off, with my bare leg rubbing against his hard cock the whole time.

He pulled his brown-and-white stripped shirt up. I was so turned on by his chest. I went ahead and touched his bare chest, and told him that it was sexy.

Moments later, my guy ejaculated all over my leg. It was great. We both enjoyed it.

We cleaned up. I had napkins in the glove compartment. My guy bent over the front seat to get them. I got a great view of his bare bottom. It was awesome!

We hugged, cuddled, and looked at pictures on my phone, like we had hoped to do. Naturally, being horny changed our priorities!

It was a great evening. We kissed one final time before we headed home. I drove back with an increasingly sore bottom. I wouldn't want it any other way. It had been such a long time. It was nice.

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